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Strengthening the PNP Training System is part of the Transformation Program of the Philippine National Police as it develops further the discipline and skills of PNP personnel. In PRO-Cordillera, it is one of its priority thrust hence, the opening of the First Class of Pekiti -Tirsia Training in the Region held at Camp Bado Dangwa La Trinidad, Benguet under the supervision of the RPHRDD. On November 26, 2008, the RPHRDD opened the Pekiti Tirsia Training to thirty six (36) students coming from the RHQ; Benguet PPO; BCPO; and, the Regional Mobile Group (RMG) with PSUPT ALLAN G CAMPOS as the Training Course Director. “Pekiti Tirsia System of Kali” is a highly effective close quarters in fighting system of combat from the Philippines. Based on tactics and strategies derived from edge weapons, Pekiti Tirsia is a complete system incorporating both weapons and empty hands method. It is proven effective in combat and indispensable for today’s heroes of the law enforcement and military community. Based on research, Pekiti Tirsia Kali is an indigenous method of combat from the Visayan Region of the Philippines founded by Grand Master Conrado Tortal. It was reserved in secret as a family system to defend the Tortal land until it was brought to the US in 1972 by Grand Master Tuhon Leo Tortal Gaje Jr, the grandson and heir to the Pekiti Tirsia System. Since then, Pekiti Tirsia Kali has expanded worldwide to exclusive groups under the Pekiti Tirsia Global Organization. The inception of Pekiti Tirsia Training was introduced in the Philippine National Police through the effort of PSSUPT CATALINO B RODRIGUEZ, the Chief of the Unit Training Program Division of DHRDD in year 2006, task to design unit training programs for the PNP personnel nationwide and to create pool of instructors that shall re-echo and teach to their respective Unit what they learned from the trainings provided for by the DHRDD. PRO-COR has benefitted from the training conducted at the National Headquarters that started in the year 2007 in the person of SP01 Limbawan and P01 Dwight Arocod who belongs to the Pekiti Tirsia Class 02 of the NHQ PNP and now among the training instructors of the first class in PRO-COR. Thus, the objective is not put in vain because the PRO-COR personnel who have undergone the trainings at the higher headquarters are now sharing their talents and skills to their own Unit and comrades. Kudos to the training instructors composed of SP01 Rogelio Limbawan, P01 Arocod, PCINSP JIM TOMBOC, P03 Mel Bantas, P01 Edwin Fucasan and PSUPT ALLAN CAMPOS. May you continue to share your dedication, perseverance, and skills for the benefit of the PROCOR personnel.

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