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22nd July

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History Repeats Itself

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21st May

The most beautiful sayings in the language of the purist is ” History Repeat itself”

We who are in this generation , we are so lucky that we have the best time of grandest opportunity to be the player of the turning of history while the cycle of repeat history is within the cycle ring of movement that makes us the ardent players of the changes that goes back to its original spectrum of actions that moved the world into the its troubled state.

The world is in trouble as good as it was in the beginning of time.

Many had been a victim of tremendous bloody blade fighting from the heavens where 1/3 of the Angels who were non-comformist of
God wishes were driven by the treacherous sword of then “St. Michael”, The most feared of all the ANGELS IN HEAVEN. … Read More »

The Tears, The Blood , The Agony

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21st May

Pekiti-Tirsia principles are based in the Power of Three 3. The Power of 3 is supported by the 3 big Islands namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. this is the only Country in the World divided by 3. The strength of a man as a warrior must be identified by his structure and as man was created and fashioned according to the principle of exact science ( the Traingle) , the creation was perfect. No one can questioned the perfection of exact science. Pekiti-Tirsia system and subsystems are based in the Doctrine of Discispline that leads to the Doctrine of Perfection.

Pekiti-Tirsia will not commit a mistake during the actual blade to blade combat because it leads to blunder, rather it provides the opportunity for the enemy to commit a mistake so that he can be killed instantly.
In the course of time … Read More »

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