Pekiti Tirsia Kali Sub-Systems

 A. Tri-V Formula (Tatlong Palapag)

B. Capsula Methodica ( Palatanda-an)

C. Lima -Lima Mayor and Minor ( Limang tapakan)

D. Contra -Tirsia Dubla Doz ( Tatlong panglaban dalawang tama-an )

E. Pekadum -Trigo : Tatlong Palapag sa katasta-san.

  Pekiti-Tirsia being an ancient Medieval art of warfare under the Edged Impact Weapon Strategy and Tactics that leads to all applied combat for modern and Ultra Modern close Quarter combat and Close Quarter Battle. All structures needed to win the war for close range combat  within the rules of full and complete survival is a major training cycles. The above Higher sub-systems are highly accepted as a system for military and law enforcement training program by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police and other Countries friendly to the United Nations.

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