PHILIPPINE HISTORY and CULTURE An excellent Blog and primer on Philippine weaponry and history. Join the Facebook page for updates. A starting point to begin your scholarly research of the Philippines, it’s people, and culture. I highly recommend visiting the library, bookstore, and the Ayala museum when in Manila.


Martial Arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. Martial. (Adjective) 1: of, relating to, or suited for war or the warrior. 2: relating to an army or to military life. 3: experienced in or inclined to war. Pekiti-Tirsia is a Martial System of Combat Fighting with the Blade. Begin your study of combat tactics with Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1-3 Tactics. Then build your knowledge on the conduct of small unit warfare and tactics with the Ranger Handbook. Click the images below to open these publications.

FIREARMS Paul Howe provides more ground truth instruction and insight to combat shooting and tactics than any other instructor in the public domain. Check the course schedule and sign up for training. His first book, Leadership and Training for the Fight, should be read, marked and indexed, and re-read by all. For those in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, there is no better range to be a member of than with TDSA and Len Baxley. Five minutes of instruction with Len and you will join. I did, and this is where you will find me down range.

COMBATIVE EDGE KNIVES Professional-grade Knives and equipment designed and manufactured for operational performance. The M-1 has all the design features for survival and personal protection.

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