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This is the real view of what is real, indigenous, true, authentic, real, pure traditional fighting system of the Philippines long before the year 1521.
The  date of April 21, 1521, shall be marked forever in history as the the day the first kill and first blood offered to honor the power of kali was sacrificed by Ferdinand Magellan .
A conquistador , circumnavigator  of the world and the most trusted man of  King Philip of Spain, the real blade of the Filipino warriors ( Kampilan)  was tested by Datu Lapu lapu , a live full contact blade duel against Ferdinand Magellan resulted to the instant kill  of Ferdinand Magellan , the beginning of the first defeat of Spain.
333 years of Spain's presence in the Island known as  Philippines with 7, 169 Islands was not real glorious victory of  Spain in spite the use of  religion( Roman Catholics) as their chief ideological weapon of slavery, colonialism and subjugation of an entire nation . The abuses of the catholic friars resulted to the revolution that the filipino blade culture became superior and caused the defeat of Spain by selling the filipinos to the Amerticans executed in the Treaty of Paris in 1898.
The Americans presence in the Philippines was a continuation of the filipino uprising that the 38 revolver and Kruger rifles  against the filipino ginunting and talibong cannot match during the close quarter combat, The US Forces was forced to developed a 45 caliber pistol qualified for knocking power.
The Americans lead by Blackjack Pershing was only successful only to the extent that the filipinos were granted Commonwealth  as an extension of the US Government , a good gesture of defeat.
The Japanese invasion of the Philippines in 1941 to 1945  was the most remarkable because a defeat  to the Americans , the surrender of General Wainwright in the famous battle of Bata-an and Corrigidor, but filipinos continued to fight fled to the mountains and attack the Japanese installation using the Guerilla Tactics.
AfterGeneral Douglas Mac Arthur fled from the Philippines as the Commanding General of the Far East  bound for the United States via Australia, the filipinos fought for two solid years drove the Japanese out of the Philippines  caught by General Mac Arthur fleet of Battleships , recorded as the famous Battle of the Philippine Sea.. Three Major wars in the Pacific , the use of the Power of kali blade proven to be superior.

Today , Pekiti-Tirsia stood tall not to fail the power of the true legacy .


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