Wake up!

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Time to wake up and be serious and be ready. Economic crisis is at your doorstep. What will you do when that time comes when people will riot for food and enter in your homes to take everything that you have. The purpose of our training in any form of martial arts is to prepare for unexpected crisis that may come like Tsunami or like an explosion or a sudden wild fire . Even in the olden times , a very peaceful village in a far distant place , a community of about 200 families had enjoyed farming and raising cattle and along the river, the group of river fish filled the needs of the community to live with all the abundance. And one dark night , a horde of invaders from nowhere crashing wildly and start burning the houses , killing the men and raping the women and mothers are killed together with the children. .-It happened in the Philippines 3 years ago. 58 people were killed massacred in Maguindanao, Mindanao, It happened in ecity, 4 years ago , a family of 10 were killed in their homes at 2.00 pm. And many more. We in the system are more concern in the elements of survival , rather than by dealing in sports. Gt

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