Training Beyond Borders

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" Train while the enemies are still Alive" The Solemn mandate for a man of war is to continue training and training to have more perfection in all the fundamentals of Combat and the higher tactical strategy of cleaning the generations of the enemy families and members of the clan. . it was one of the gravest mission of the Chief of the tribes to wipe out the enemy generations. During the Japanese occupations of the Japanese in the Philippines , during an incident where platoons of Japanese soldiers were ambused. The Japanese soldiers came back and attack the village killing the residents and took all the young children , including newly born babies,throw the babies into the air and while the baby is coming down ,a Japanese soldier caught the baby with a Bayonet killing the Babies and adults in the village instantly , they called it Jues de Kotsilio. That is the Japanese revenge to the filipino Guerillas in the Philippines from 1942 to 1945. It is a matter of deep hatred to the enemy that these things happens during the war. In war and in peace killing is still part of the Society. In Pekiti-Tirsia the training continue to evolutionize the systems effectivity with development of combat mechanics making the encounter more effective and demanding. Expected 100%results in all assaults and situations of encounter. In sports or in real combat , the training must always gain positivie lessons either the enemy will surrender or killed with out mercey. Training beyond borders is 8 days a week.

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