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few filipino blades are mystical . Story have been told about the filipino talibong with pointed tip but little pregnant at the middle and measured according to the length of the arm. This talibong was used by the katipuneros , the rebel group that revolted against spain . In the picture of famous gregorio del pilar , andres bonifacio and others were using the talibong fighting against the spanish soldiers. In between the second selected choice was the ginunting  which is more treacherous and curvy at the tip. Very effective in slashing, slicing and cutting . Most to the leaders of the revolution especially in panay and negros were using the ginunting. The difference of talibong and ginunting compared to other blades is the acceptance by the spiritual world as the favorite chosen blade to be used for combat. There are other blade like the parang , tianan, the laring ,the kris, and kampilan , the dahong palay,the panipis,palacol, panapos, plamingco.the kapid and the sumbiling.but the touch of the ginunting and the talibong has been respected. It has been observed that among the many guerilleros / mountain warriors from the spanish era to the american presence in the philippines from 1521 to 1930 and from 1942 to 1945 , (japanese invasion). The talibong and ginnunting were the most preferred blade for combat. It was also the secret practices that a brand new blade made by the blacksmith must undergo a blood ceremony where the spiritual healer will kill a goat or lamb and dedicate the blood using these two blades to be dip into the blood as a symbol of invincibility and power. An oracion is a blessing prayer that makes the talibong and ginunting very much deadly during combat operation. The experiences by the force recon marines during the special operation in mindanao against the alqueda and abu sayap (terrorist group) and against the peoples army-communist npa , the fear to encounter the force recon marines is a symbol of invincibility. That from 1995 to the present zero casualty, zero death among the force recon marines.

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