The Battle is on the War is coming.

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With so many activities in people's lives , the struggle to live is found in every form of society and each country have different mode on how people react to each other in terms of economic depression. The most that is is highly affected are medium family unit and and mostly to suffer are the lower strata of family unit. The rich and famous are the players that move the string to directions towards to their advantage . People will just follow like herds of Buffalos or Legions of Birds migrating to different seasons for them to seek for food. If people will view from the top higher ground and look below , they wouldn't allow to be down below because they see sufferings, sickness starvations , chaos and death. It is happening now , it happens before and it will keep on happening. Where will you be and what shall you do.While we still have the time to get out from below , we won't allow ourselves to be in the population of people whose brains were frozen because of so much confusing theories and dogmas the a a person of good education , we are entirely incapable to find solutions that would makes the best person on this planet. What makes those fatal failures in a persons life . What makes the person the subject to historical destruction. Here are the factual evidence that one may wonder to be true: A. Dog eat Dog mentality/craving for material gains Resources :Oil, Metal, Commodities,all types of Resources, B.Political Power C..Ideological supremacy D.Territorial gains E. Science ,Technology and advance research for Supremacy. All and every day activities of the people all over the world is Battle Conditions is that constant battle of a person suffering while on bed in a hospital , a kind of illness that seemed incurable but the belief that there is possibility of cure, this person goes into intense battle to survive and live. In business as well in other forms of activity, the Battle is on. In a religious life , a serious religious persons always fight its way against the devil which is the product of his or her imaginations. Among politicians in order for them to survive and be able to stay as President or Senator or Congressman or local government official there is an engagement of a dirty battle tricks how to be in office till life is there makes the politician impregnable. There is a big difference in the struggle for greater life in preparation for the future,the act of a warrior from a mothers womb . If we found that quality in our behaviour then we are bestowed with the special talent in the act of war . How many men today are totally away from the field of battle. Never appreciated the glory of a Battlefield and how the murmuring voices of the dead awakens the living. Not too far not too close , the battle is where we are , and the war is on

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