Pekiti-Tirsia training Philosophy

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It is Honorable to Die in training than to die in Combat Zone. 8 days a week Training Slogan: To Sunday -Sunday - Monday -Monday 8 days a week. In war and i Peace we never lower our arms , our flags and our weapons as act of weakness. The more time for peace means more time to prepare and be ready, The enemy that you don't know and you don't see is the enemy you meet on the road or the enemy that killed the Governor of the Province or the man that planned to kill you . So we create a habit forming routine . 8 hours a day and 8 days a week. a cultural discipline that is inherent in the family of the system and to all who are intending to be Instructor of PTK. How good is the style in the Youtube or in the face book, to us we don't bother who will be our enemy. We train against any one that wants a perpetual rest , or eternal life. We must be very sure that the enemy will have a perfect ceremonial departure. We dont give 21 gun salute , we give 21 slashes to remind the world that a gun tap is not so meaningful but to have a tap of the blade is a lasting one. We tap the coffin with 21 counts just to remind the dead that he is honorably respected for being brave to fight PTK. It is the hard time is the best time to the PTK ." The harder the conflict the glorious the triumph." PTK will do while others can't do , PTK will climb to the highest mountain to view on a long distance to see the how plain and flat is the valley to be the battlefield PTK loves to see the world to be in the PTK Arms. It is the mandate of the forefathers spiritual world that a PTK man of war will not and cannot be defeated at all cost

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