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Life that we enjoy is the price of liberty and freedom is our thrilling gift from our constitution. This is the reason that most of our existence is to be protected at any cost. Liberty on the other hand is being abused by people who are in the wrong side of the law. They expressed Liberty as they have the right to take what is yours and they have the freedom to kill your family, rape your daughter ,kidnap your son and kill your husband . It happens in the Philippines ,it happens in the US and almost all countries. So in real sense and real understanding of Freedom is disadvantageous to the persons who are weak and had no incentive to do anything to protect himself and his family. He don't consider the thinking of other people to be bad that caused death and destruction within his reach, a neighbor, a friend, a cousin, a stranger. Yes , Give me liberty or give me death. Meaning of liberty is the full utilization of his mental faculties and his last strength to defend that liberty not give it up , rather he will die defending that freedom What was in the past life , in the United States or any countries is happening today , the agony ,sorrow ,killing and murder is happening today . Freedom is our asset , freedom to be away from danger ,freedom to use the best of your skill to defend our family , freedom to learn and relearn more to develop the best of our skill so that it will lead to expertise and to Mastery.. We are THE MASTERS OF OUR SOULS At the of the day , WE , are secured like a Baby in the arms of our father so protected by that freedom. ."CROSS THE BRIDGE BURN EVERYTHING TO THE GROUND AND DON'T LOOK BACK"

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