Only the STRONG

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Pekiti-Tirsia Elimination of the Unfit program will be implemented in the middle part of the year 2013. We want that all Pekiti-Tirsia must possessed the Quality of real Instructor with good Personality . As an example man of war , a pekiti-man must have all the qualifications of a real warrior. Not as unattractive body and bad personality. Pekiti-Tirsia will start cleaning the kind of people that wants to be in the Pekiti-Tirsia but have lose bolts and cannot function as warrior. We are not for the quantity only we want Quality . if anyone wants to be a real quality warrior this is the opportunity not to be eliminated. Pekiti-man must be complete in Knifecology and Gunology and all other features of a real warrior. If anyone that is not a warrior inside the Pekiti, my advice is to find a another discipline that will fit to one's desire. But Pekiti-will raise the standard of discipline in all aspects of training

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