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THE BLADE CULTURE HAD MADE FOOTPRINTS IN THE SANDS OF TIME. The bloody war in the Mediterainean, in the Middle East and Mid Europe dated back in the early years of history, the blade culture had forced the inhabitants of each country to make special killing blades as a weapon for protection and survival while the invading forces had design and made blades of deadly design far more superior than other blades in terms of sizes and in terms of length. Some blades were mystically powerful and deadly because of special ritual practiced by fanatical warriors who had found spiritual Holy men that are gifted and had the gift of wisdom. Those ancient swords became the major interest of the writers and many had the opportunity to own in part of those swords that even today, there are still few that is keep under the archives..The conflict in the Middle East, Europe and even the AFRICAN CONTINENT had common weapon and discipline of the blade culture. In the Pacific region, The Yellow and Malay Race in the Pacific continent had more involvement in the blade culture so much so that the sophistication of the blade design had brought big influence of warfare against other nations . Each Dynasty of China from the Sung Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty to the Tong Organizations , as it was Genghis Khan that made the made blade culture far more superior than the European swords,little short of time , Genghis Khan had almost conquered the world. The history of each Nation were forced to defend themselves against the threats of blade culture and to those whose discipline were more superior won the war. The Philippines as a major part of the Malay Race and had the Sri-Vijaya influences for more than 800 years , where able to take a piece of historical evidence that for 333 years the filipino warriors successfully tested the blade culture against the Spanish Toledo blade in 1521 had proven that the superiority of the blade culture was more powerful than the European blade. History is real with the authentication of the men and women who live to tell the truth of war. Philippines for 333 years had remnants of the 333 years that children and grandchildren had testimonial how their uncles and forefathers had fought bitterly with no surrender last man to stand that made it have droplets of blood that turns into mighty ocean of warriors

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