Kill the Mocking Bird

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In real combat mentality , there is no time to delay any sign of weapon right at the point of recogniziing the presence or the sight of a weapon regardless what is the form , blade , axe , knife ,guns ,etc,..kill in three seconds. Experience we learn that giving a relax attitude to the confrontation, it will cost lives and it is sad to experience that your friend who is beside is killed because he got a wrong education. Experience recommended that at the wink of an eye explode in a rapid zipper shooting series releasing 5 bullets from the groin climbing to the face area. . five bullets in less than a second. Cutting the subject like an electric razor passing through the body cutting in half. PTK Doctriine of Discipline is centered into the elements of survival .The Gunology and Knifecoology of Pekiti-Tirsia is parallel to the LCD -Lowest Common Denominator ( Life Comes Defended) In terms of Edged weapon emergency respond to challenges , the Killer Instinct is the best weapon of a Pekiti-Tirsia on challenge.. Motto:" PTK man don't leave stone Unturned"

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