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We who are in the Pekiti-Tirsia because of our warfare system , we do , we train , we prepare and we do execute in accordance to the methodology of war. Our Doctrine of Discipline and the Doctrine of Perfection is the toughest requirement in attaining victory in all aspects of challenges.We train not by the book but in the most unconventional , unorthodox , unwritten principles not found in any book only written in the brain .Warfare Intelligence is not expressed in writting for one to learn but express in the art of vision and verbalization leaving no traces of evidence for the enemy to find and might be used against our strategy. We train in making each Pekiti-Tirsia a survivalist and Intelligent Warrior. Each one is not force to fight but they will fight and they can fight without mental reservation. Since the discipline is completely combat ,. By nature of the combat Philosophy, PTK guy will fight against the unforgiven PTK is highly unconventional , the principles of TRI-V Formula is the only guide that all attacks and counter attacks originates. Each time the blade is remove from the scabbard , it find its way to the soft parts of the body like the neck , kidney and last space below the last ribs.By discipline all actions are in perfection directions that was programmed for removal from the human body. The future is unpredictable, the world is unpredictable, and people is unpredictable but discipline person predicts and can see the future clearly and factually real. So what history brought to us to day , is a matter of recollections but at the same the truth of reality opens the road to the future. Just a matter of 200 to 300 years , War will come like a thief in the night. All in chaos , all in disarray. There is only one road to the future . The Road that lead to WAR. If anything goes wrong along the way,, take the high road that leads to happy conquest. Gt

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